Easy Ways to Build a Website

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Sifuwebsite team provides study classes for anyone interested in learning techniques or simple ways how to create a website without the knowledge and use of any coding.

Do You Have A Problem Like This?

I do not know where to start

Not good at coding website

There is no budget to hire people

I do not know how to register domain www .com .biz .my

I do not know what is the requirements to create a website

Do you know ?

Nowadays, if you want to create a website that is BEAUTIFUL, FAST & SAVE COST no longer need to be smart or know about coding or need to hire people, you can create your own .. Seriously UP TO 24 HOURS it can be ready. VERY EASY if you have the knowledge to create a website. You can create any type of website that you wanted.. - Sifuwebsite
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Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Let me introduced myself first, I'm Azizul Hazlan, the person who in-charge to help you to learn tactics and techniques on how to develop a website easily without using any code. My team and I have helped people, including students, product entrepreneurs, business owners, bloggers & content writers.

My involvement in website design has been around since 2001. Now all the knowledge that I have learned I want to share with you who have problems and do not know how to create a website.

Yes, first if you want to create a website you need to know and learn coding first before you can create a website , but not anymore. By using Content Management System (CMS) technology from the United States which is WORDPRESS, you can build any type of website easily! and WORDPRESS is a FREE application!

So do you want to own your own website? If you want, quickly register for study classes with Sifuwebsite in person or in a group.


Team Sifuwebsite

Among the Classes That Have Been Conducted

What Happens After a Learning Session?

You do not have to worry because, you can still contact the Sifuwebsite Team to guide you if you have problems when you create a website alone after you follow a class session from us. We in Sifuwebsite team does not leave you alone.
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Sifuwebsite is a branding where we provide teaching services to anyone who is interested in building their own website in an EASY WAY WITHOUT CODING! oh we also accept orders for anyone who wants we to create a website.


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